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10:00 - 10:15

Charles Jarrold, BPIF

Welcome: A Year of Great Change 

As well as opening the morning session, Charles will provide an overview of how the print industry is responding to changes in technology, the market and economic environment. In a year which the immense drupa print trade show took place in Germany, shortly followed by the UK Brexit vote, and a change in government, as well as the continuing evolution in understanding of the unique role of print as a complimentary media channel, the overview should provide plenty of food for thought.

10:15 - 10:45

Dave Trott

Simple is Smart, Complicated is Stupid

We don’t need clever words and dull thinking.
We need clever thinking and dull words.
PLUS – Receive a complimentary copy of Dave Trott’s latest book:
One Plus One Equals Three

10:45 - 11:45

Mark Lawn, Canon
Wayne Hemingway MBE,

Design – Improving the Things That Matter in Life (sponsored by Canon)

At HemingwayDesign we have been designers for 37 years. I got my design ‘qualification’ watching brands, clubbing, cobbling together outfits and buying records. I’ll tell this story, looking at how we set up, built and then sold our first brand Red or Dead, how HemingwayDesign rarely has to bid for work, how we have never needed help from banks or investors and, because this is the Power of Print conference, how print and pattern is woven through the story!


Panel Discussion with Charles Jarrold, Mark Lawn and Wayne Hemingway
Moderated by Jonathan Tame


Tea/ Coffee

12:20 - 12:40

David Gold, Royal Mail

Consumer Rights for Paper Communications

David will explain the challenges facing the mail market as a result of declining mail volumes and how Keep Me Posted (which has now been adopted in various forms at EU and national level in various other countries) is seeking to protect the rights of consumers to continue receiving paper communications.

12:40 - 13:10

Jonathon Porritt CBE,
Forum for the Future

Disrupted Climate, Disrupted Economy, Disrupted Lives

The 2015 Paris Agreement on climate change should prepare all businesses for a time of constant, radical disruption, either we do innovate our way through to an ultra-low-carbon economy, which will totally transform energy, transport, other sectors (including pulp, paper and print) and food: or we don’t, in which case runaway climate change will disrupt just about everything, everywhere.


Panel Discussion with David Gold and Jonathon Porritt
Moderated by Bob Latham


Lunch and Networking


Martyn Eustace

Welcome Back

Quick update on Print Power and Two Sides Campaigns

14:40 - 15:10

Tiffanie Darke, Method

The Value of Print

As a multimedia and content specialist, Tiffanie Darke, Director of News UK's creative agency Method, will explain print's role in a multimedia campaign and why content must be relevant and targeted. She will discuss how brands can measure and fully understand the return on investment print can deliver as the basis for evaluating where print can be used to the greatest effect.

15:10 - 15:40

Susan Greenfield, CBE,

The Different Impact of Print vs. Screens on our Thought Processes

Unprecedented factors distinguishing screen technologies from the printed page are affecting the way we read and think: the physical difference of viewing a screen compared to handling a printed book, the greater eye fatigue from a screen than a paper page, the availability of hypertext, and the opportunity to multi-task, all affect our brain processes.


Tea/ Coffee

16:00 - 16:30

Kim Willis,
Cedar Communications

The Way of Print in Brand Media

As the pronouncement that 'print is dead' continues to persist, we take a deep dive into an arena where print readership is growing - inflight magazines. Honing in on Cedar's stable of titles for British Airways, Iberia and Cathay Pacific, Kim will explore the role of print in the brand marketing mix and how Cedar are releasing editorial ideas from the page to create integrated, multichannel experiences for readers.

16:30 - 17:00

Rachel Aldighieri,
Direct Marketing Association

The Role of Print in a Data-Driven World

There has been an exponential increase in the opportunities for brands to engage customers over the last two decades, with new services and technologies generating a wealth of insight on each and every customer that uses them. In this talk, Rachel will discuss how data-driven marketing not only can, but should be informing all marketing channels. Going on to highlight examples of how print is increasingly being used as a key part of successful multichannel marketing campaigns, using the power of print to connect with consumers too.


Panel Discussion with Tiffanie Darke, Susan Greenfield, Kim Willis and Rachel Aldighieri
Moderated by Mark Lawn


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Drinks Reception and Networking


Call to Dinner

Dinner Speaker - Marcus Rich, CEO Time Inc. UK

Marcus joined Time Inc. UK in March 2014 as CEO. Under his leadership the business has launched a number of brand extensions, new products and undertaken a series of strategic partnerships and high profile acquisitions including UKCE, the UK's leading provider of premium cycling events and ICHF, the UK's number one craft event business.