Peter Houston, Founder, Flipping Pages

Post-digital publishing

Talk of a digital-media meltdown has given publishers the motivation to think again about how they deliver value to their readers.

As digital advertising shifts to Google and Facebook, paid is pushing out free, quality content is fighting back against clickbait and print is adding value again instead of just being an inconvenient cost.

Is the publishing industry getting ready to hit the reset button and do digital differently?


Peter Houston is a writer, consultant and trainer focused on making sense of the rapidly changing media landscape to help publishing professionals make better decisions about the future. He has written on media for The New Statesman, The Drum, MediaTel Newsline, Publishing Executive and InPublishing. Formerly editor-at-large for the, he wrote the ‘State of the Media 2017’ and ‘Successful European Paid Content Strategies’ reports and recently researched and wrote the InPublishing Guide to Paid Content.

First coming to digital media in the early 90s, Peter has been thinking across platforms for almost as long as it’s been possible. He has run Guardian Masterclasses, spoken at Google’s ThinkPublishing conference and presented at industry events in Europe, North America, Asia and Africa. He co-hosts the Media Voices Podcast, delivering a weekly take on the media news and featuring interviews with senior players at a leading media organizations, from Facebook to The Economist.